No more hassle of maintaining paper-based PTWs. Instant notifications and approvals.
Flexible and configurable checklist as well as approval flow with unlimited PTW templates.


Permit-To-Work ("PTW") is a must-do for all sites on a daily basis. InSight™ QSE alleviates the current paper-based method of routing PTWs for approvals which is time-consuming and an administrative headache in having to store all paper-based PTWs properly for accountability and audit checks.


Apply, Approve or Reject PTW on the go. Our system allows you to change and customize the stages of approval, checklist and forms according to your permit requirements.

GPS Tracking

Get the GPS location for each stage of the PTW. With the help of our E-PTW GPS function, you can ensure the GPS location is applied at the right location by the applicant.

Identification of Incompatible Works

Our system helps you to prevent accidents. The system detects incompatible work, map out exclusion/isolation zones and flag out conflicting works.

Photo taking & Annotation

Photo taking and annotations gives you visibility of site plans.

Live Notifications

Our real time mobile notifications instantly update contractors on the status of their PTW and reduces costly delays and missed communications.

Access offline

Access your PTW data anytime and anywhere!


Raise electronic PTW
when on-site.

Safety Assessor

Assess site situations and update site situation with photos and annotations.


Review each stage of PTW and approve or reject.

Safety Regulators

Access to digital reports to facilitate compliance and communication.

Digitize the Permit-To-Work process and forms

Our Permit-To-Work System ensures that mandatory and routine safety inspections are performed and proper issuance of permit-to-work are carried out to minimize work site accidents which will delay the completion of the construction project.

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