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InSightTM Time, Quality & Safety

CAPPS SOLUTIONS worked closely with Teambuild to replace their time attendance system with InSightTM Time. More than 700 workers of Teambuild currently mark their daily attendance via mobile devices with real-time information sent to the backend servers for seamless payroll processing. Approval workflows and comprehensive reports were customized to Teambuild’s requirements to allow management to have firm control of labour costing and allocation.

Teambuild also implemented InSightTM Quality and Safety systems with CAPPS SOLUTIONS in order to automate their previous manual paper-based method of data capture and analysis during quality and safety inspections conducted on site. Tablets replaced paper checklists and digital cameras. Teambuild Quality and Safety Inspectors carry out their tasks using tablets which is handy and provides timely information capture and synchronization to the backend servers for further processing and analysis.

Teambuild won numerous HDB and BizSafe Awards with their strong safety process framework and teaming, complemented with the solid implementation of the InSightTM Safety system.