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InSightTM Time

This project involved the full custom development of a Web-based and mobile-tablet application solution base on InSightTM Time to allow Samwoh site employees to perform time in/out at project sites, submit electronic forms/reports via mobile tablets and capture photos of site conditions and situations. All data captured at site is synchronized to the backend Web servers in real-time to ensure data timeliness which facilitates in management decision-making.

Tablet-based electronic forms replaced the previous archaic paper-based method of form filling which often resulted in loss repetitive written data entries, data inconsistency and untimely capturing of data. Photos taken at site are GPS tagged and sent instantaneously to the backend Web interface to allow viewing by the relevant stakeholders. The photos are also archived in a systematic and organized manner, compared to the previous method of using central file storage repository dump. With InSightTM Time, the change in employee time in/out from fixed-base Attendance Management System (AMS) to mobile based system to resolve the tediousness and slowness in the computation and availability of employee time in/out data. Another key feature of InSightTM Time is the built-in GPS to pin-point the location of time in/out to eliminate the questionable credibility of employee time in/out data.

Overall, Samwoh's migration from a delayed feedback system to a live instantaneous feedback system helps Samwoh move towards a more productive and efficient work environment, with the immense benefit of achieving data timeliness and accuracy via the adoption of the right technology solutions and tools for their operations. Samwoh employees are also given the opportunity to 'up-skill' through the use of the technological system and site supervisors feel more empowered by their newfound capabilities and responsibilities, while the management is able to eliminate informational uncertainties and take decisive and well-informed actions.