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Site Mobile Application Solution (SMAS)

Site Mobile Application Solution (SMAS) with real-time Man, Material & Machinery (3-M) costing. This project is to provide HHK with a Web-based and mobile application solution to enable HHK site employees to make use of mobile and Internet technologies to perform site operations such as form filling, information retrieval from main office and data input.

The other objectives of the system are to help HHK to achieve productivity gain and cost efficiency through the use of technology and to enforce site safety processes and procedures.

After automating workers time card for real-time salary cost and attendance, form filling, HHK enhanced the system to include holistic Project Costing. HHK receives timely information of the amount Material used, Man-hours spent and Machinery used. This 3-M approach is made possible with mobile and Internet technologies where site supervisors record the quantity used via the SMAS mobile application to instantly generate project costing at the web backend for management review.