BuildSG-COVID Safe Platform

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CAPPS COVID Safe Platform (C2SP) together with our InSight™ Quality Safety and Environment (QSE) is a complete solution with the flexibility to integrate hardware such as thermal scanners, AI camera and Bluetooth wearables to meet the requirements from various government authorities.

Comprehensive Modules




Permit to Work

Attendance Capture

BCA BuildSG-COVID Safe Platform (CSP)


Device Management
Role Management
Users Management
Project Set Up
Email Log
Photo Log


Defect Inspection
Defect Rectification


Daily Inspection
Monthly Inspection
Infringement Rectification

Permit To Work

Permit To Work
Workers Attendance

Optional Modules for Integration - One Holistic Platform

Verify worker Access Code for worksite access control

InSight™ QSE C2SP has integrated with BCA BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform to receive the latest information of your worker from SG Workpass App, FWMOM Care App and SAFE ENTRY App to help you ascertain that your worker has met all the mandatory requirements introduced by the various government agencies before entering your worksite.

Implement facial recognition and Touchless Temperature Scanning

Using facial biometric recognition to match each worker with the approved list. Touchless temperature scanning to ensure that each worker has a normal temperature before entry of worksite.

Remote monitoring Safe Distancing

Remote monitoring of workers is to ensure proper implementation of safe distancing measures and segregation of workers. The AI camera provides area level check for safe distancing and distinguish different cohorts of workers through identifying colour vests/arm bands. Bluetooth wearables provides personnel level check for safe distancing and worker cohorting.

Automate Safety and Defect Management

High number of hand-delivered-qse documents can lead to fast spreading of the current COVID virus. InSight™ QSE digitizes all paper forms used in the various construction stages, along with electronic procedures and submissions for quality and safety inspections.Our System allows the independent identification and rectification of quality issues at each stage of construction - Structural, Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical; thereby minimizing the contact time spent between inspections and workers. InSight™ QSE nips safety non-conformity in time for rectification before it evolves into major issues and defects to derail the entire construction progress. This reduces material and manpower cost substantially due to lesser rework.

Digitize the Permit-To-Work process and forms

Our Permit-To-Work System ensures that mandatory and routine safety inspections are performed and proper issuance of permit-to-work are carried out to minimize work site accidents which will delay the completion of the construction project.

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